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Tailored strategies and retirement advice to suit your lifestyle, timeline, and goals.

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Expert advice on tax-effective contributions and strategies to maximise your savings.

Get the best investment advice for retirement

Investment expertise

Specialised investment insights to ensure your savings aren’t going to waste.

63% of Australians over 65 receive government assistance

Retirement planning can empower your next chapter, paving the way for your financial freedom.

Why choose My Online Adviser for financial retirement planning

Why choose us

My Online Adviser was founded to simplify financial planning. We aim to offer straightforward advice to more Australians, empowering them to enjoy their golden years.

Retirement planning can be the key to securing your finances once you leave the workforce. Join the thousands of Australians who have safeguarded their future with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers you need and see how we can help start your retirement planning.

Planners offer comprehensive money solutions, while advisors often focus on specific areas like investments. Having expertise in both areas allows for a more rounded and impactful approach to growing your superannuation. My Online Advisor can help set you up for a more secure future once you’ve left the workforce.

Creating a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) in Australia is a complex and highly regulated process. While both financial advisers and accountants can assist in setting up an SMSF, it’s essential to understand the key differences in their roles and responsibilities.  

Accountants can help with the administrative and compliance aspects of an SMSF, such as preparing financial statements and tax returns. However, they are not obligated to adhere to the Best Interest Duty (BID) when providing financial advice. This means that while they can offer valuable support in managing the fund’s financial aspects, their advice may not always prioritize your best financial interests.  

On the other hand, financial advisers are bound by the Best Interest Duty, a legal obligation to act in your best interest when providing financial advice. They can provide comprehensive guidance on SMSF investment advice, retirement planning, and asset allocation within your SMSF. This duty ensures that their recommendations align with your financial goals and risk tolerance, providing you with a more secure and tailored approach to managing your SMSF.  

In summary, while both accountants and financial advisers can assist with different aspects of your SMSF, seeking advice from a financial adviser offers an added layer of security and assurance that your financial decisions are aligned with your best interests and long-term financial goals.

We are an award-winning, dedicated team of financial professionals specialising in financial planning and wealth creation. Providing thousands of Australians with ongoing support every year to ensure their super continues working for them. 

Together we go through your financial situation and identify your objectives, then evaluate your current super fund to make sure it’s working with you and in line with your goals. We work for you. We aren’t owned or controlled by a bank or fund, so you can be confident the advice we give is designed to help you and not them.

Our team knows the perfect recipe to ensure you are maximising your contributions, personal insurances and investment benefits. We provide advice when comparing funds that is easy to understand and empowers people to take control of their finances, guiding you into a superannuation strategy that works in your best interest.

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