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Superannuation & Wealth Creation

Now, it’s time to let someone take care of you and your financial well being. Our team will guide you into a superannuation strategy that works in your best interest.


The minimum contributions your employer must pay are 10.5%. Some employers may pay additional contributions if you salary sacrifice. Learn how to keep taking advantage of these benefits


Some super funds have very cost effect insurances and we can confirm if they are the cheapest on the market and are appropriate for your personal circumstances. Learn how to keep taking advantage of these benefits


Most large cap funds underperform a simple bench mark. Our academic strategy will allow you to maximize your compound interest returns, employment benefits and supercharging your super via a powerful investment vehicle, all whilst acting in your best interest.

Is your super fund listed as underperforming?

According to the federal government, there are more than 1 million super accounts held with funds that have failed a performance test by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

Under new rules introduced by the government this year, these funds are required to notify members of their underperformance in writing.

“It’s a sign that the fund is not really adding much value to your superannuation savings,” says Xavier O’Halloran, director of Super Consumers Australia.

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2022 award winners

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We are excited to announce My Online Adviser has been announced as the 2022 winner from ProductReview.com.au in the financial planning services category!

Secure a Healthy Retirement.

Our Super Specialists know the perfect recipe to ensure you are maximizing your contributions, personal insurances and investment benefits. We are a phone call away and happy to provide you with all the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision.