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How can you have lost super?

You’ve changed jobs

When you change jobs, quite often your new employer will either select their own default super fund or you may simply have forgotten to specify your existing one.

Have been married or changed your name

If you’ve ever been married or changed your name you may forget to tell your super fund about it.

Changed Address

When you change your address your super fund’s correspondence will often go undelivered and eventually be forgotten about.

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What Happens with Lost Super

When contributions stop getting paid to a super fund, the account becomes listed as dormant and will continue to decline in value. Most of the time the investment fees and default insurance policies will chew away at the capital, leaving next to nothing behind. 

Now, after 5 years of a dormant Super Fund, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) will take hold of accounts which then becomes classified as “Lost Super”

How Lost Super Happened

In 1992, under the Keating Labor Government, The compulsory employer contribution scheme became a result of Australia’s retirement dilemma. From 1992 it became a mandatory requirement for employers to contribute to your Superannuation, commonly known as Superannuation Guarantee Contributions. However, it was not carefully thought through and Australian’s ended up with multiple Super Funds.

This may seem like an insignificant detail, this has allowed Australians to lose over $20,0000,000,000 worth of Superannuation to lost super funds. 

Now, after 5 years of a dormant Super Fund, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) will take hold of accounts which then becomes classified as “Lost Super”

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My online adviser was really help full. Ricky and Ryan helped me along the way and were very easy to understand. Can’t wait to see how much my super grows


Never really knew much about my superannuation. Including what I was getting from my super, fees or investments. My online advisor were very helpful. They gave me professional and personal advice and were Fast acting, friendly, overall brilliant service.


Great team to deal with honest helpful they gave me the best information and service any problems they are there to help I highly recommend you use them to secure your future


Very helpful and friendly 🙂 The guys have a laid back nature that makes you feel instantly comfortable. Ryans accent reminds me of the guy from IT crowd, so that was really cool! And Izaak was a great banter 🙂 you can have a good laugh with him!

Janelle Monaghan

Very helpful and clear. Would reccomend for people look to consolidate supers into one. Mehdi and ryan have been very helpful And given plenty of contact with uodates when they are needed


The team at my online advisor did all of the hard work in a friendly and efficient manner. I am incredibly busy and I struggle to find the time for personal admin. The whole process with My online advisor was streamlined and simple! Highly recommend


Great service and the team made the process seamless and easy to understand. I look forward to working with Ryan and the team in the future and building my superannuation for my retirement.


Very helpful all the team Matt, Macy, and Ryan are amazing people that explain it all to you find better deals more money and happiness in the trust you can put in this team

Lisa Sherry

I’m so happy that l decided to make the move to “My online adviser” Ryan’s knowledge is enabling me to work towards a more comfortable retirement - a very happy client !

Robyn W