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Pay via your super fund

Protect your income

Our service will let you explore a wide range of quotes and we can tailor the policy to be funded via your superannuation.

No Extra Fees

Using our website is 100% free to compare income protection policies and find the right insurer for you.

Compare Great Brands

We are partnered with Australia’s greatest income protection brands and we will complete the research for you, so you save.

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Key benefits of income protection

Income replacement
Protects up to 75% of your annual income.

Paid as a monthly benefit
Cover your food, living and medical expenses.

Choice of benefit period
Tailor a benefit period to your circumstances between 2 years, up until age 65.

Choice of waiting period
Depending on your needs, you can choose a waiting period from 14 days, up to 2 years.

Can be funded through super
If you don’t want to interrupt your cash flow, you can fund the premiums from your superannuation.

How to claim in 3 easy steps

  1. Call us
    Call us on 07 5345 5094 and one of our dedicated insurance consultants will assist you through the claim process and fight for you to win.
  2. Receive a claims pack
    We will guide you through the entire claims process and send you the necessary paperwork.
  3. Complete form
    Send us the completed claim form and requested information.

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